AFG-001-Giovanni-Sending love to Jacob

Hello everyone,

This is the first episode where I’ll be talking to Apron For gloves Contenders and their stories on how and why are they being part of AFG.

Founded in 2012, Aprons for Gloves Boxing Association is a non-profit organization focused on providing community outreach through the sport of boxing. AFG contenders raise money to support one of EastSide boxing club main community programs which is the After School Youth Program:

As of March 2019, this program has helped over 500 youth from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Eastside Boxing runs a free after school boxing program 5 times a week. Volunteer coaches and other ESB boxer mentors facilitate this program. 

ESB works with NICCSS caseworkers to help introduce youth participants to exercise and a variety of life skills through mentorship and relationship building and Good Food for All who provide nutritious snacks and a food pantry for youth who need it.

The other programs that EastSide runs are:


And this program is for All women, female-identified, and all members of LGBTTQQ2S. The program is offered by Eastside for free, bi-weekly (every other Sunday at 9 am) 


This boxing program is offered for free to All Frontline Workers especially those who are dealing with the opioid crisis.

For more info, please visit

Back to this episode,

Giovanni (who is on of AFG contenders) lost his son Jacob in the Fentanyl crises.  Jacob worked in the service industry as well, he spoke 2 languages, and he was a caring and loving kid. When Gio started talking about Jacob while we were recording this I didn’t really want to ask details because I don’t know how many details he wanted to give. But after we were done Gio told me how Jacob ODed on something called “purple drank” which is basically a cough syrup mixed with Fentanyl.

Jacob also did graffiti and his tag was (SOBER) so if you are around the Downtown east side area and saw the tag, please think of Jacob.

What’s more sad about this, that stories like Jacobs are so familiar.

Legal Alien #0002 – An Iraqi Musician – Farooq Alsamaraie

Legal Alien #0002 – An Iraqi Musician – Farooq Alsamaraie

Farooq found himself falling in love with music, specifically Arabic singing and the Oud. Music was his salvation from all that he’d experienced in the past– losing his father, his two younger brothers and his best friend. Now he is in Vancouver working hard to get his music out there and helping newcomers to find peace in their new to-be home.

Legal Alien #0001 – A Chilean Baby Resurrection – Pancho Fonseca

A story of a Chilean family escapes the instability after the Chilean coup of 1973 (With a help from the CIA, Augusto Pinochet rose to power, overthrowing the democratically elected president Salvador Allende)

The United Nations (UN) helped the family to find their safe haven in Canada.
The Story has more to that, especially what happened when Pancho was born and what his mom went through is something you’d only see in the movies given the fact that her husband was a political prisoner at the time.